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These included Gods by Ben Laurie, a MUD1 clone that included online creation in its endgame, and which became a commercial MUD in 1988; 27 and MirrorWorld, 28 a tolkienesque MUD started by Pip Cordrey who gathered some people on a BBS he ran. Tinymuck version 2 contained a full programming language named MUF (Multi-User Forth while mush greatly expanded the command interface. A b Castronova, Edward (2006). 32 Klietz ported Milieu to an IBM XT in 1983, naming the new port Scepter of Goth. 741 The "D" in MUD stands for "Dungeon". 30 At the same time, Compunet started a project named Multi-User Galaxy Game as a Science Fiction alternative to MUD1, a copy of which they were running on their system at the time. They range from simply enhancing the user interface to simulating 3D worlds with visual spatial relationships and customized avatar appearances. Serious players paid the bucks." Kelton Flinn. The original game coming in at 1k in 1989 compared to 102gb in January 2016. DikuMUD inspired numerous derivative codebases, including CircleMUD, Merc, ROM, smaug, and GodWars. 41 AberMUD was initially written in B for a Honeywell L66 mainframe under gcos3/TSS. Puns on the "wet dirt" vinderup real frække tøser meaning of "mud" are endemic, as with, for example, the names of the ROM ( R ivers o f M UD muck, mush, and CoffeeMUD codebases and the MUD Muddy Waters. Observations of MUD-play show styles of play that can be roughly categorized. RuneScape was actually originally intended to be a text-based MUD, but graphics were added very early in development. 76 As of the late 1990s, a website called The Mud Connector has served as a central and curated repository for active MUDs. Almost anything can be bought, including houses, shops, taverns, animals, weapons, food and drink. The now defunct 1996 Age of Thrones and notably Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands started life in Vortex prior to moving to its own Rapture engine. The LPC programs were compiled using LDMud (V3.3.719). pornostjerne tapet hansen er stefan gade

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